Evan Reppucci is a Mortgage Advisor and the Founder and President of United Mortgage Advisors, Inc. His dedication to his clients’ success and expert guidance combine to provide the best home buying process possible. His passion is listening to his clients’ goals, then strategizing to find the best solution to fit their needs, both now and in years to come.

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A business and finance aficionado from the very beginning, Evan opened his own brokerage so that he could go beyond “good customer service.” He sets the bar high by combining his drive to meet the client’s needs with innovative technology to ensure a positive experience. He is a firm believer in informed decisions and strives to educate the client so that they can feel confident in their choice. Evan thrives on the satisfaction of helping his clients achieve their dreams, whether they are first-time buyers, or they are looking to purchase a second, vacation, or investment property.

Evan lives in North Port, Florida, with his fiancé Kristy, and their two dogs, Matteo and Brady. When he isn’t crunching numbers, Evan enjoys traveling, playing pool, and watching football.

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