Kristy Hollis is a Florida native, and Operations Manager at United Mortgage Advisors, Inc. Her unique experience in mortgage processing, real estate title, and retail banking combines to create a truly memorable home buying experience for the client. She works with her clients to gather necessary information to submit the file into underwriting and continues to manage the file all the way to the closing table. She finds deep satisfaction in the structure of the loan process, while enjoying the differences that each client brings to the table. Her favorite aspect of her job is meeting new people from different walks of life.

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Kristy lives in North Port, Florida, with her fiancé Evan and their two dogs, Matteo and Brady. She enjoys traveling to new places, taking in the history as well as local cuisine. She has also been crocheting for over a decade, and always has a project in progress. She is a huge animal lover and follows way too many rabbits on Instagram. She is always excited when a client brings their fur-baby by the office to visit!

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